The She Book




The She Book is a collection of 114 poems, prose, and quotes written for you. Because this is your year to the live the life of your dreams, to heal, and to empower yourself.

A companion on your personal journey of feeling, healing and revealing the story that is you.


“May we raise the bar for how we live our lives. May we ridiculously increase the amount of peace, play, creativity, beauty, love, and joy in everything we do. May we all sip from the wisdom of our suffering. And awaken with the courage to share our stories that can heal our inner and outer worlds.”

With love, Tanya


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Tanya is dedicated to helping others heal by holding sacred space for their stories, and by unlocking the impossibility of shape-shifting their pain into soul-led healing purpose. Her medicine beckons the brave curiosity to look within, brings a sense of humour to cracked surfaces, unveils the beauty of hidden authenticity, and conjures the courage to love and accept oneself in this lifetime. She is an advocate of imagination, a creative midwife, and rebel for reinvention and the unconventional. She empowers with words, the unseen world, sensitivity and vulnerability. 

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