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Once a silent star in the sky, lost, alone, and unnoticed, she began to dream her life awake.

Sensitivity brought light to her dark side and vulnerability found words for what her heart felt but could not say.

Pain helped her remember the power within her storm, the wisdom in her breakdowns, and the healing visions hidden within her moonlit nightmares.

On her journey to shine from within her deepest ache, she blossomed from what felt like an insignificant twinkle to a blazing, awakening woman.


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  • Learn to tell your story to the most important person in your life: YOU

  • Remember how to hold space for the recovery & discovery of your personal truths.

  • Turn to Nature for inspiration & healing company.

  • Step into a community of supportive, creative & kind human beings.

    A total of 30 writing prompts, nature explorations & creative exercises.

    Go at your own pace.

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